Governor Strategy Day 2015

Governor Strategy Day

June 5th 2015

On Friday 5th June the governors held their Annual Strategy Day. The day was held in school giving governors the chance to spend time with staff and to meet some of the children.

During the day the governors spent time discussing this current year, planning objectives of 2015/16 as well as agreeing the governing body structure for the next academic year.

The highlight of the day was the governor’s attendance at the celebration assembly. All of the classes were asked to think about a question that they would like to ask the governing body.

We had some great questions; this is a selection below –

From year 5 – where do you think that Governors have the most impact in school?

From year 6 – Does being a governor affect your family life?

From year 1 – Do the governors know the poem ‘on the Ning nang nong’?

From year 3 – What school did the governors go to learn to do their other jobs?

From Year 4 – what inspired you to become a governor?”

Our particular favourite came from year 2 – If you were an animal what would it be?

Throughout the day it was lovely to see the children enjoying their time at school, and wanting to share their experiences and interact with the governors in such a positive way.

Charlotte Reynolds

Vice Chair of Governors

Governor Strategy Day

The Governing Body held its annual Strategy Day at school on Friday 6 June. In small groups, the Governors observed various lessons and were really impressed with the learning, the engagement, the behaviour and the environment. The children and staff were very welcoming, and the children’s politeness and positive enthusiasm was really noticed.
We were invited to attend assembly where Joe Tidman, the Chair of Governors, talked to the children about what Governors did and who they were. He answered a few questions including confirming that Governors do not get paid!
The Governors then had lunch in the school canteen sitting with the children and answering more of their enquiring questions.  In the afternoon we contributed to the School Development Plan for 2014/15 setting targets for ourselves including developing our relationship with staff and parents at the school, and ensuring we are fully trained in assessing the school’s Pupil Premium spending. We will find opportunities to keep you updated on our progress against these targets, but if you have any questions please do get in touch via the school office (we are also hoping to set up an email address to make it easier to contact us). Governors will also be present at the school open afternoon on 17 July where we hope to meet you and talk about any points you wish to discuss.